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Suggested MUET Reading 800/3 July Answers

Ok MUET July paper is over.. and so many have written in for the reading answers. I was away this weekend but am now at the office, staring at the questions. Do remember that these are my personal answers, as MPM will not be releasing the actual answers for some time.

1. B (2.7 times is equivalent to 270% which is higher, not lower that 230%)
2. A (169k increased steadily to 214k)
3. C (no data)
4. B/C (I prefer B as it is NOT the main reason as other reasons were cited before social acceptance. C is also a possibility as it was clearly not stated at the main reason)
5. B (Rafie stated that it is due to women becoming financially independent, not rising cost of living)
6. B (women end up with a lesser share)
7. A (working women means women in the labour force)