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MUET Speaking question June 2015

Hi, all. My students are taking this year's MUET, mid year paper. Here is an update of the questions that came out. I am using my own words as I only got feedback from the students so it is not verbatim. Anyway, as long as you get the gist, it will help you prepare better because you can gauge the level of questions and ignore topics below for they seldom repeat questions in the same set.

Day 1, Set 1
Task A:
Discuss ways to ensure the success of a group project.
Candidate A: Choose the right team
Candidate B: Distribute the work equally
Candidate C: Set a realistic plan
Candidate D: Have good teamwork among members.
Task B:
Discuss which of the ways can best ensure the success of a group project.

Day 1, Set 2
Task A:
Discuss television programmes that are useful in our daily lives.
Candidate A: Television programmes on travelling
Candidate B: Television programmes on cooking
Candidate C: Television programmes on health issues
Candidate D: Television programmes on current issues
Task B:
Discuss which type of television programmes are the most useful in our daily lives.

Day 2, Set 3
Task A:
Discuss effective resolutions for water shortages.
Candidate A: Water rationing
Candidate B: Other sources
Candidate C: Water bill tariff
Candidate D: Educate people
Task B:
Discuss which of the resolutions for water shortages is the most effective.